Portable NetStat Agent


Network toolkit that comes with support for UDP and TCP/IP monitoring options and netstat, ping, ipconfig, traceroute, WHOIS, HTTP checker, DNS query (nslookup), ARP monitor, and IP route utilities

Portable NetStat Agent is a network program whose purpose is to help you identify the ports and connections that are available from your computer, as well as monitor existing connections and diagnose issues.

Portable version

This is the portable version of NetStat Agent which allows you to run the utility without having to go through installation steps. You may store it on portable media devices and carry it with you.
What’s more, it does not write entries in your Windows registry so you can uninstall it with a simple deletion task.

Clean feature lineup

Portable NetStat Agent reveals a well-structured suite of features. It lists all network utilities in the main window and with just a click on the target function, it reveals the corresponding configuration parameters.
You can find in the package several network tools, such as netstat, ping, ipconfig, traceroute, WHOIS, HTTP checker, DNS query (nslookup), ARP monitor, and IP route.

Monitoring options and statistics

Portable NetStat Agent allows you to check out a list with all active UDP and TCP/IP connections, including details about the IP address and geographical information.
You can make the application automatically refresh data displayed in the main window, set up monitoring rules, terminate the selected connection, copy details (e.g. protocol, local port, local address) to the clipboard, and enable logging.
Detailed statistics can be generated for TCP (e.g. received and sent segments, incoming errors), UDP (e.g. sent and received datagrams), IP (e.g. number of routes, IP addresses, and interfaces), and ICMP (e.g. number of messages and errors, echo requests and replies).

Other handy network utilities

Portable NetStat Agent offers you the possibility to use the IPConfig tool for helping you view information about network component settings and status, including adapters and configurations.
What’s more, you can test remote hosts over an IP network using ping tasks, plot the actual path between machines and view the response time and traffic hops with the aid of tracerouting, as well as perform DNS queries in order to get details about the IP address, mail exchange, domain name records, and domain name pointer.
Other important features give you the option to display an IP routing table for your machine, add or delete ARP entries, access domain and IP information via WHOIS tasks, as well as check URLs.

A powerful network toolkit

All in all, Portable NetStat Agent delivers an impressive number of tools that can be used by Windows network administrators for monitoring and diagnosis connections.
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