Personal Timeclock


A lightweight and simple-to-use software application that helps you keep track of the time spent on your computer or doing different tasks

Personal Timeclock is a handy software application whose main purpose is to monitor one of the most important assets anyone can have, which is time.
This application, besides providing you with the means to keep track of time, also allows you to show others how much time you have spent doing various tasks on their behalf, identify which tasks take more time in order to better prioritize your workload, schedule assignments accordingly and plan future projects knowing exactly how much time similar projects took.

Record the time spent on each project

Upon initialization you are prompted to go through a tutorial that guides you step-by-step through most of the functions and features of the utility.
The interface of the application is straightforward and allows you to group projects into two separate panels.
You can create categories and assign them projects. For example, you can create a category for personal tasks and one for work related assignments. In order to keep track of the time spent on each project, simply click on the name of the project, then begin working on it.
To each project you can add an hourly rate and a category, as well as specify a memo for each task. In order to prioritize projects you can color their titles and add memos to be remembered.

Create reports using data recorded by Personal Timeclock

Personal Timeclock Reporter is a built-in tool that produces detailed reports, which display how much time you have spent on each project. These reports can be customized to show only the data you want and can also be exported as text files, and then imported into databases, spreadsheets or other applications.

Reliable personal time tracker

Overall, Personal Timeclock is an efficient and simple method of keeping track of time. It helps you prioritize assignments, identify which tasks take more time than others and remind you when it is time to take a break from the computer.
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