Pascal Analyzer Lite

Effortlessly inspects your Pascal source code to generate reports with metrics, references, control and general details, featuring comprehensive options

Pascal Analyzer Lite is an application designed for Pascal developers who wish to easily inspect their code, find and resolve any errors, as well as collect various useful information. It's a lighter version of Pascal Analyzer and it's free to use.
At startup, you're greeted by a wizard that offers to help you in selecting a Delphi project DPR, DPK format) or unit file (PAS file) to analyze. It's also necessary to pick a compiler that the source code is targeted for, whether it's Borland Pascal 7 or an earlier version, or a specific Delphi version.

Inspects your Pascal source code to generate reports

Pascal Analyzer Lite is capable of parsing only the main file, the main file and used units, or everything. DFM (form) files can be either included or excluded. Furthermore, you can set the search folders, unit aliases, conditional defines, identifiers to exclude from reports, and others.
Once all data is analyzed by the application, you can inspect reports with the status, warnings, optimization details, memory, code reduction, convention compliance, inconsistent case, and prefix.

View reports with metrics, references, control, and general aspects

Additional info is available for the metrics (totals, complexity, object-oriented metrics), class, control and references (modules, identifiers, duplicate identifiers, literal strings and numbers, third-party dependencies, most called, exceptions, uses, conditional symbols etc).
Multiple tabs are supported so you can keep parts of the report opened at the same time and easily navigate them. Moreover, any report sections can be disabled from the settings panel and you can also customize fonts and colors for the report viewer, report tree, and source editor.

Has rich options dedicated to Pascal code analysis

Projects can be saved to file and later opened to pick up where you left off. You can find and replace strings of characters, jump to line numbers, run a new analysis, edit project properties, and create templates.
Although this represents the lighter version of Pascal Analyzer, Pascal Analyzer Lite comes packed with a pretty comprehensive set of features. It worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests and had minimal impact on PC performance.
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