Pascal Analyzer

A software utility that analyzes and debugs Pascal and Delphi source code files, by displaying comprehensive status reports about the detected errors

Extensive source code files often contain bugs and errors, due to the fact that they are difficult to check and debug as your write them. Hence, in order to speed up the process, you can make use of an automatic analyzer to detect any problems within the code, as well as generate detailed reports regarding optimization, warnings or possible memory tweaks.

Parse Pascal and Delphi source code files

Pascal Analyzer is one such software utility you can use to parse source code files against a wide variety of compilers, in order to spot any bugs, errors or warnings. In addition, the application can also generate a comprehensive number of reports, which offer you information about optimization mistakes, conventions and general errors within your files.
To run the procedure, all you are required to do is select the desired document from your computer and choose whether to show constants, programs or properties during the analysis. Furthermore, you can also specify an output folder for the created report files, as well as select a sort mode for the identifier list. The supported extensions include PAS, DPR and DPK, all of which can be opened and analyzed by the utility.

Choose the desired report types and the language version

After the document is selected, you can allow the application to create various report types about any inconsistencies found within the source code. Hence, depending on what you want to check for, Pascal Analyzer can verify the contents for class hierarchy mistakes, exceptions, inconsistent text case and whether it is possible to reduce parts of your code down to a simpler format.
Additionally, you can also specify the exact language version in which the code is written, to avoid any incompatibility errors. Hence, the application supports almost every Delphi version, including XE6 for Android devices, as well as any Pascal version up to, and including the 7th release.

A fully-featured code debugger and analyzer

Thanks to the extensive number of report types Pascal Analyzer can generate, the utility can be of great help to programmers who want a quick and thorough source code debugger. In addition, the user interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use, since it allows you to effortlessly navigate and display the various generated reports.
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