Perform code coverage measurements for the new code you intend to add to an older project and make sure it meets the same high standards

Generally speaking, code coverage refers to a type of measurement that is capable of determining whether the statements in the body of the code are executed via the test run or not. The operation is an essential part of the development process, particularly since it can highlight portions or aspects of the code that could use extra attention.
OpenCppCoverage is a lightweight command line utility that provides a simple and straightforward way to do the code coverage measurements for source codes written in C++. The app can be used to figure out how efficient are the tools that test the code, for instance. Moreover, it can help you determine if the code needs more testing and ensure to a high standard level throughout the life cycle of a project.
Code coverage can come in handy in complex projects where you need to add new code, for instance. By performing the test, you can find out whether the newly added content meets the same testing standards as the original code. Consequentially, you can proceed to the production phase as the potential problems that can occur are minimal.
The utility can run several code coverages and merging them into a single project and can be run via Command line or a Visual Studio or Jenkins plugin.
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