Office Programming Helper Indent VB Code


By using this specialized add-on, you can manage indentatios in VBA code, add line numbers, error handling, convert numbers to words and more

Working with Visual Basic code lines into Word, Excel or PowerPoint environments can provide real challenges when it comes to the actual formatting and indentation of the code lines. With multiple several other functions, Office Programming Helper Indent VB Code will allow users to manage indentation for their VBA coding.
Supporting any version of Microsoft Office 2007 or later, the add-in features a straightforward deployment process and it will be accessible under users’ “Add-ins” menu of their installation of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.
One will be able to easily declare NPs and numbers to words objects, use the resulting NP objects or even perform number to word conversions easily. The developer was kind enough to provide a detailed set of instructions for performing those and several other tasks, here.
Besides the main indent formatting features, the add-in also provides multiple other useful functions. For instance, one will be able to switch off the debug mode when running the macros, import VBA code in just a few simple steps or, expose the .NET controls as ActiveX. The latter will allow users to use the exposed controls in Office Visual Basic forms and in corresponding ActiveX containers.

System requirements