Achieve better customization for your Wake-on-LAN protocol with this specialized tool that provides a wide range of tweaking features

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) represents one of the industry standards regarding the control of PCs and their power state remotely, namely, waking up from a low power state. There are a great number of advantages that stem from its use, such as the fact that one can remotely access files and programs unrestrained, while still keeping the PC in the said, low power state.
Constructed in order to provide a bit more insight into such techniques, nWOL will offer users a WOL client that aims at providing that extra bit of functionality, in order to achieve a customized experience, through a series of purpose-fit tools.
Having at its core a minimalist user interface, nWOL will enable one to set up the parameters that pertain to the host information, such as the hostname, MAC, and IP addresses, as well as a preferred Netmask and a corresponding WOL mode. Furthermore, users can perform a manual scan of all the hosts, in the active LAN.
The design of the actual WOL control switch interface can also be customized, as users are able to adjust the interface size, line, and horizontal spacing, as well as use a preferred font, with customizable vertical alignment.

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