Track time spent browsing the web, checking emails or documents and playing computer games in order to organize your timetable in an efficient manner

Needless to say that a proper management of time is sure to boost your activity towards success, but also provides some more free time at the end of the day. There are plenty of methods through which to check your time and activities. For instance, NkTimeTracker is a highly-customizable application which is sure to improve efficiency.

Powerful work assistant

Before you can even go through the setup process and even run the program, you need to make sure that .NET Framework is installed on your computer. When launched, a slim window shows up on the desktop, with a couple of activities meant to track a variety of activities on your computer.
What the application does is count the time you spend on the computer based on the window in focus. On the bright side of things, it comes with an impressive set of predefined options which are able to automatically tell when you’re using a web browser, working, or performing other common tasks.

Set activities, focus, and breaks

Accessing the settings panel is where you find all behavior and alert options. These make it possible to configure the visual style of the counter, activity window, as well as to manage the programs which trigger activities to count. You can add custom activities to the counter, and these are automatically switched when in focus.
Apart from tracking, the application can also help improve workflow through the focus mode. Here you can choose to minimize the risk of pop-up windows interrupting your work, or other notifications which can get in the way. Additionally, there’s an option to use in order to have forced breaks imposed so that you don’t spend too much time in front of the computer, which can be pretty harmful on the long run.

A few last words

Truth be told, NkTimeTracker is one of those applications you need as a powerful work assistant. This isn’t just because of the powerful activity tracking options, but also the possibility to set forced breaks, and features which help focus better by eliminating distractions.