MSI Viewer


This application allows you to view the contents of an MSI installer and extract only the files that you need without having to run the installer

Just like opening a drawer to pick out just the pair of socks that you want without having to take out all of them, MSI Viewer allows you to select and extract only your desired file(s) from an MSI installer without having to run the entire thing.

Making it easier

If you ever want a single file from a program but do not want to install the entire thing in order to obtain it, then this application is the perfect solution. You just need to open MSI Viewer, choose the installer and it will then show you the files within it.
After selecting exactly what you want, just click the "Extract" button and it will then pull the files from the package. It really saves you a lot of time, considering you do not need to uninstall anything after it is done.
One nice feature the program has is that you just need to find the installer you want to extract from on your hard drive, right-click it and select the "Open in MSI Viewer" option. It saves some of the time you would have spent looking for the file path in the application itself.

What it lacks

I honestly do not see anything wrong with it. It was developed for one task and it does that brilliantly.
Some can argue that it could have been made to look a bit more user-friendly, and to be fair its appearance is a bit retro. However, I do not see that as a flaw as long as it is easy to use and it gets the job done.

If you need it then, by all means, use it

Again, it was only designed for one purpose, and not many people find themselves in a situation when MSI Viewer may come in handy. But if you do or even if you just want to see how it works, I would highly recommend it.