Molimentum Quick


This user-friendly piece of software is a password, clipboard and bookmark manager that features a way to copy/open items without ever leaving the keyboard

When working on your computer, you most likely come across a plethora of data that you only need a fraction of. Molimentum Quick helps you keep only the information you need, by creating brief notes with the content you choose.

Intuitive GUI

The application comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to effortlessly create new items, explore or open existing ones.
The default window of this software solution is the search one, so you can easily access already created entries. You can also filter them according to their content type.

Create a variety of items

When launching the main window of Molimentum Quick you can set up new items. You can start by entering a title, assigning one or more tags, then specifying the type of data you want to save.
You can choose between Note, URL, Code, Password, Text, Command or Group.

Customize the note contents

The main difference between the Note and Text entries is the former supports rich-text formatting.
This means you can turn your text to italic, bold or underline, while also changing the font type between Header 1,2,or 3, and Normal. Hyperlinks and bullet lists are also supported.

Set up password entries

Another customizable type of entry is the password one. In addition to the aforementioned title and tag, you can also specify the username and password, along with a relevant note.
The best part about this type of item is that the only way to access the saved passwords is by entering the master password - so even if you leave the main window of Molimentum Quick open, unauthorized users still cannot invade your privacy.


All in all, the application can help you save, then quickly open a wide range of items, each adapted to their content type.