Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK


Access, create and modify binary or text structured files by relying on this powerful tool that provides you with a wide variety of useful functions

Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK is a development kit that was designed to help advanced users, such as programmers or developers simplify their work by providing them with several useful features. It can help users create, access and modify various binary or structured text files, according to their needs. This utility consists of two components: BinaryDOM and TextDOM.
The first component can be used to freely access, create or modify binary files in a wide variety of manners. Users can rely on it for data conversion and extraction, so that they can organize and keep track of various files in a more convenient manner. This module includes API that can help developers parse files, validate content, load or manipulate data and store information.
The BinaryDOM component features support for a large variety of file types, including archives, images, videos, audio tracks and numerous other formats. Therefore, developers can safely rely on it to analyze or process a wide spectrum of documents.
The second component, TextDOM (Document Object Model), can be used to access, create or modify structured text documents of various origins, whether it's a JavaScript application or a HTML file. This tool also includes API that can be used in similar manners as the BinaryDOM's API. For instance, users can rely on it to handle structured text data and store information.
However, users need to be aware that some of the more complex schemas included within certain products (such as Java, C or JavaScript) might fail to recognize specific code examples.

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