Develop applications that can convert multiple PDF files to JPG, JPEG, JPEG2000 at the same time, rotate and resize images, and more

Mgosoft PDF To JPEG SDK is a component that enables developers to implement conversion capabilities into their software applications, in order to turn PDF documents into JPEG and JPEG2000 images. It preserves the PDF attributes like the layout, lines, images, tables, colors and text formatting properties. The tool can also be used to extract text from PDFs to make it searchable.
The SDK doesn't need Adobe Acrobat to work properly, sparing end users the trouble of installing this resource-demanding application. They only need a steady image viewer to be able to study the output pictures. Even password-protected documents can be submitted to the conversion job, provided that users know the keys for automatic decryption.
Before the conversion operation, it's possible to make some adjustments that affect the output files. For example, it's possible to resize the images to any dimension, rotate them to any angle as well as handpick the PDF documents wanted for conversion while excluding the rest, in order to speed up the task. The color type and quality level of the pictures can be picked too.
Mgosoft PDF To JPEG SDK can be purchased with a developer license and SDK/COM, which is unlimited and royalty-free. The source code can be modified and reused.

Limitations in the unregistered version