Automate various processes without writing code, create solutions and monitor them by turning to this comprehensive software solution

Working as a web developer involves writing numerous lines of code most of the times and without appropriate help, these tasks might take much longer than expected.
Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide variety of software solutions that can simplify your work. One of these applications is Linx.

Easy to install

This application can be easily installed on your computer, as it comes with a comprehensive installer that lets you customize a bunch of aspects that are relevant to its functionality.
For instance, you can choose to install the designer and the server utilities (or not, depending on your needs), choose the default server port, create an administrator account and define a password.

Design processes and automate them

You can turn to Linx if you need to design web solutions by creating processes and automating them. You can create, run and debug advanced processes without writing any line of code, as the application takes care of this for you.
An example of automation can be achieved by adding a timer service, inputting the properties in the designated fields, double-clicking the event and dragging the process to the TimerEvent tab.

Comes with a handy collection of plugins

When you first run the designer application, you are prompted with a list of plugins that can help you simplify your work even further by providing you with a broad range of extra functions.
Those plugins involve AWS (Amazon components), compression, cryptography, database, email, Excel, file, FinSwitch, FTP, GraphicsMagick, JSON, MSMQ, Pastel, PDF, RabbitMQ, SQL Server Reporting Services, text and XML usage.

Comprehensive software solution for creating, automating and deploying processes

All in all, if you're looking for a program that can help you create processes, automate them and deploy them to a server, you can safely turn to Linx, as it provides you with all the needed components and more.
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