Ingenious Clojure development tool that lets you create full-stack Clojure apps without the need of specialized third-party components

Lightmod is a very interesting, open source, cross-platform Clojure development tool. More to the point, this integrated tool allows you to effortlessly create full-stack Clojure and ClojureScript web apps from under the same roof, without having to have third-party tools installed, for example, JDK or various other build tools.

Learn the basics of Clojure development with the help of Lightmod's super-useful templates

Once installed, you're bound to discover that Lightmod is not your typical IDE, as soon as you lay your eyes upon its main window. Each time you launch Lightmod, you're greeted by a welcome screen that displays a set of handy templates you can start out with.
You're able to choose from a basic app, as well as create complex chat, database, or isomorphic apps. There are also two gaming-related templates, a basic game and a simple platformer that requires you to move a character a 2D map.

Intuitive and well-thought-out Clojure development app

The app's interface is not exactly stellar in terms of overall looks, but realistically, it doesn't need to be, either. It does, however, respond well to user inputs, it supports multiple simultaneous open projects, and it also comes with two themes, Dark and Light.
You'll also notice that the first time you open a template/project, it does take a bit of time until the app compiles the code (for both server and client side). However, rest assured that once loaded, every change within the code is almost instantly translated into the app thanks to a very nifty "hotcode reloading" engine.

All-in-one Clojure development tool for novices

This brings us to yet another advantage a well-integrated tool such as this brings forth, namely the fact that it allows you to provide the exact same user interface for both the server and the client.
All things considered, Lightmod is a simple yet incredibly clever (if not innovative even) utility that provides one of the most accessible ways of getting into ClojureScript and full-stack Clojure web development.
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