Java library and micro framework package with numerous features and functions that can be used to enrich your development process

Jodd is a complex development pack that comes with an extensive array of open-source Java frameworks, which are aimed at helping you and your team to create web applications from scratch, sparing you from having to learn how to work with overly-complex software.
With over fifteen tools, utilities and micro components, Jodd allows for quick and easy coding, as it guarantees small code sizes, while also enabling you to test it without too much effort, so you can know ahead of time if everything will work correctly.
Some of the included software are BeanUtil, a bean library that offers type introspection and conversion capabilities; JDateTime provides you with time-manipulation class of high precision, whereas DbOom simplifies database code.
Moreover, Jodd includes Proxetta, a swift proxy creator, as well as Decora, which provides you with templates for decorating web pages. Jerry, an HTML-parser that supports JQuery, can also be put to work in serving your development needs.
The HTMLStapler component is capable of automatically packaging web resources in an HTML page while HTTP is a raw client that serves in communicating with servers. Nonetheless, it packs a lot more tools and utilities, to help you in your projects, such as Lagarto, CSSelly, VTor, JTX and others.
What is also great about Jodd is the fact that it comprises an extensive help documentation on its website, as well as numerous example applications, so even if you have not fully understood its functioning, through proper study and analysis of the documentation, you and your development team can get there.

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