1.4.3 Alpha

An open-source library and API designed for analyzing Java package dependencies, allowing developers to grasp the project\'s architecture

When working to build a complex Java project, gaining an insight of the dependencies between all the classes and packages enables you, as a developer, to understand the application's architecture much better.
Designed to ease the development process, jDependency can help you analyze package dependencies in Java. It deploys a is a lightweight library and a powerful API that enables you to perform Java package dependencies analysis.
The package includes a ready-to-use dependency tracker embedded into Java modules, which can be used by Java developers to check package dependencies in a convenient manner.
One of the perks of jDependency is that it can be integrated in JUnit, the well-known unit testing framework specifically designed for the Java programming language.
jDependency is easy to work with, facilitating the analysis of Java classes in any development environment. It can be used to view dependencies between Java classes and perform modifications as needed. This way, you can understand all the connections between classes and the relationship between them.
Thanks to its open-source license, jDependency can be included into any application, no matter if it is designed for personal or commercial use, and it can be freely distributed across multiple computers, regardless of their operating system.

System requirements