IronOCR - The Azure Library


This specialized library will enable users to perform OCR read operations when working in the C# and VB .NET frameworks, for Azure applications

With the constant use of text and image recognition in programming, the need for adapting solutions that can address such requirements in environments such as .NET or C#, can be the key for unlocking the efficiency paradigm in numerous coding approaches.
IronOCR – The Azure Library, just like one of its counterparts, IronOCR – The VB.NET Library, will provide users with a series of components that are aimed at allowing them to perform OCR for Azure applications when working into a C# or .NET development environment. Using the API, users will be able to explore and export the content which is the result of object models, for pages, barcodes, paragraphs, lines, or characters.
The library will offer developers support for 125 languages, and besides the default, English language pack, the other ones can be added by installing them through the aid of Nuget, or, as dedicated downloadable packs.
The graphical quality provided for the languages is fast, standard, and best, with the mention that using the latter will increase accuracy, but also the processing time. Using the “Auto OCR” class, one will be able to perform the text reading with a single line of code, and, just like with the other library, the “Advanced OCR” class is also provided

System requirements

Limitations in the unregistered version