Intel SCS - System Discovery Utility

Grab detailed data about Intel\'s manageability technologies on your system and save them to an XML file using this command line tool

System Discovery Utility is an important part of Intel's Setup and Configuration Software (SCS) designed to help you retrieve comprehensive information about technologies like Active Management Technology or Standard Manageability. Despite its primary function, it is worth mentioning that the utility can collect data from all systems.
The idea behind the tool is to collect the data using the MEI driver and, if the latter is not installed or enabled, the information is retrieved directly from the BIOS. Consequentially, the importance of having the correct BIOS installed in the platform cannot be stressed enough.
Functionality-wise, the utility needs to be run from a command line prompt on a single system. Then again, if you are required to employ it on multiple systems at the same time, then it is recommended that you include it in a deployment package that can be sent to all the machines in the network.
Given the type of information it retrieves, it goes without saying that the app requires you run it while having administrator permissions. As you would expect, the utility creates a log that you can save as XML to a specific location on your hard drive or directly in the registry of the system. Lastly, take note that log files are created with each session.
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