Image Recognition Library

A software component that enables applications to provide image recognition capabilities by comparing and finding similarities between pictures

Image Recognition Library is a software component that will enable users to create applications with image recognition functionality.
The algorithm behind the software is to compare two pictures for similar areas. It provides ARGB and AHSL search modes with support for alpha channels. It can discover smaller pictures in bigger images or small areas of different pictures.
The software requires Delphi 2009 or other developer environments that support stdcall conventions. It can run on both x86 or x64 platforms.
The library can process multiple threads, and it supports Unicode. It provides various search modes that perform differently in separate situations.
The Exact search allows a single pixel difference as it searches for the bitmap. This mode is the fastest. The Relative ARGB searches for differences in Alpha-Red-Green-Blue color space and it is more useful when searching similar photos. The AHSL mode (Alpha-Hue-Saturation-Lightness) acts similarly with the ARGB mode.
To increase performance, users can resize the images for faster processing and specify a resampler.
Image Recognition Library allows users to create robust applications with image recognition capabilities. It provides multiple search modes and supports various platforms.

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