iGeo Beta

Java-based 3D modelling library that packs numerous algorithms, geometries, curves, NURBS and other handy variables commonly used in CAD and CAM applications

iGeo is an open source 3D modeling library written in Java and it mainly addresses professionals working in construction and architecture design. The library is available for all versions of Processing, so if there is any issue with graphic cards or OpenGL, then it is recommended to use the stable 1.5.1 version.
Installing the library entails placing the decompressed archive inside the Libraries folder of Processing, located right under the Sketchbook directory. If everything went well and the installation was a success, then the set of components should be visible via the Import Library option.
It is worth mentioning that the set packs several handy libraries for vector math operations, surface geometries, 3D model file I/O, NURBS curve and polygon meshes. All of them are quite popular mathematical models of geometries and have wide application in most modern CAM and CAD software. To put it simply, thanks to these components, it would be easier to define parameters such as knot vectors, weight, control points or degrees.
Another noteworthy feature is the panelization available with numerous customization options, such as triangulation, lines of surface, mapping images, so on and so forth. The library also includes various Physics simulations, including Newton's law and particles, tension to particles, tensile line network, numerous field operations and swarm algorithm.

System requirements