Generate API tests or run individual ones with a medium-complexity API tester that enables multi-request setups and handling large suite projects, with the option to import existing ones

Humlix is a program meant to provide with API test creation tools and to help automate recurrent tasks. Plus, the tool offers a neatly-structured organizational system.

Displaying your API testing methods in a tree structure

Upon opening Humlix, the user is prompted with a panel that offers a general overview of the system's main points of interest. On the left side of the panel, one can interact with the container that shows all the navigation options: 'Home,' 'Favorites' (a place where all your favorite requests are kept), and 'My suites' — here, you can add a new suite for distinct projects.
Besides the ones presented, the tool offers a notification button that shows a dropdown with all the outcomes of your finalized tests and basic action-and-execution controllers. Underneath this notification center, you have the options for adding a new suite, generating individual requests, and adding child suites or environments. Additionally, the program enables the importing of existing test suites (plus, the possibility of exporting the ones you create in Humlix).

Creating API requests and case generation

The app allows creating a wide range of request types; these are GET (used for retrieving information), COPY (for copying a resource), PATCH (for updating a resource), MOVE (for moving a collection of resources), DELETE (for deleting a resource), HEAD (for retrieving information without the body content), POST (for sending data to the server to create a resource — e.g. a new user), OPTIONS (for returning descriptive information about the methods and operations the server allows using), and PUT (for replacing a resource).
After selecting the type of method you wish to use, the program allows setting additional parameters, defining your environment variables, and choosing the maximum number of generated test calls. The nicest option is the one that displays the version history of each request. Here, you can access each stage of the request's lifespan, and you can clone or revert that.
All things considered, Humlix is a compact environment for testing. The application is solid, has a comprehensive, pleasant, and easy-to-use GUI, and offers a diversified range of testing features (for free).
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