GSA Autostart Cleaner


Manage all autostart entries as well as context menu items with the help of this application that should enhance your PC\'s performance

Over time, you may notice that your computer seems to become less responsive, and its overall performance may be visibly affected.
If you are not careful about it and do not carry out maintenance tasks, there is no chance of restoring your system to its initial capabilities, but thankfully, software utilities that can assist you in this situation do exist, and GSA Autostart Cleaner is one of them.

Can handle all your autostart entries

Once you have completed a hassle-free setup process, a simplistic but at the same time a bit outdated user interface meets you. Sporting a few tabs you can access in order to start optimizing your computer, the program is pretty straightforward, and no issues whatsoever should be faced when using it.
As for precisely how the application can help you, it is worth pointing out that, as suggested by its very name, it can look into all the autostart entries installed software creates on your system.
To be more specific, GSA Autostart Cleaner can remove anything from registry to INI and BAT files, but you are always in control of the cleaning process to prevent losing important data. That is because clicking on any of the identified entries prompts you with info such as file name, file size, and date.

Can remove unnecessary context menu items

Aside from that, the program is capable of handling all your context menu items, with a deep scan mode being integrated in case you are not finding what you are looking for at first sight. It is important to point out that in the case of both autostart and context menu items, you have the option to hide entries from Microsoft.
Last but not least, users may want to know that disabling autorun options for CD-Roms and other removable drives is an option in case you don’t want to be prompted with annoying popups.

Intuitive app that could use some embellishments

All in all, GSA Autostart Cleaner is a program whose purpose is to remove useless autostart and context menu items so that your computer can deliver in terms of speed and responsiveness. The program is easy to interact with, but its GUI remains quite unattractive and might deter users from giving it a shot.