Global Mapper SDK


Implement GIS features into geography-oriented applications, export large-sized map catalogs with high bit depth to various 3D model types, use a 3D navigational system, and more

Global Mapper is a GIS application that facilitates a wide range of management options for spatial datasets. The Global Mapper SDK provides native 32-bit and 64-bit libraries which can be used by developers who want to create or improve GIS programs.
Because it's designed for computers running Windows, it can be called from any program language, including C#, C++, Visual Basic, and Java with INI. The SDK is continuously updated with the desktop edition of Global Mapper, which means that it has all options and configuration settings integrated with the tool.
Global Mapper SDK aims to help you rapidly export large-sized map catalogs with a high bit depth and multiple bands. It gives you the possibility to import data from GGM Gravity Grids, Esri zLas Lidar, and Sketchup SKP files, as well as to export it to a various 3D model file types, such as Collada DAE, STL, OBJ and PLY.
NetCDF scientific data sets are supported as well, including 4D (and above) grids with data based on time and depth. Furthermore, it features snow and ice cover, a 3D navigational system that displays the pivot location when rotating scenes, a LiDAR module (e.g. auto reclassification, feature extraction when generating 3D), along with the GM_SetProjectionEx function, which lets you choose the most convenient zoned projection for latitude or longitude bounding boxes.