GEDCOM Validator

Check GEDCOM files for errors, issues or warnings with this lightweight and easy-to-use application that provides an encoding fixer and a BLOB decoder

In order to better preserve activities man has carried out throughout the years, records have constantly been kept and updated. For individuals this is done with the help of genealogical research, with gathered info stored in a standard format. GEDCOM Validator is the type of application that checks the integrity of these files so information is properly kept.

Quickly load target files

GEDCOM, or Genealogical Data Communication is a standard method used by applications that generate genealogical information. It's a simple file composed of text, but specially written so it can be understood by most common applications of sorts.
Putting the application to good use is no rocket science, with most effort on your behalf being to browse to the location of the target file using the dedicated explorer. Updates are constantly received so that recent improvements to source programs don't represent an issue in reading created files.

Thorough, customizable analysis

Once you get ahold of the desired item, result is generated in the blink of an eye. Basic file information is displayed such as encoding used, GEDCOM version, lines, source, program, date of creation and various individuals details.
The main attraction however, is the center list that contains errors detected in the target file. You can easily view the type of error that is found, at which line and what exactly it represents. An in-depth explanation can be accessed in the form of a HTM page. Moreover, you can save gathered results to a text file for further analysis.

Narrow down search results

Depending on what exactly you are looking for, the application gives you the possibility to select what and where to search. You can select from a large variety of errors, info messages and warnings, as well as the total number of results to be displayed.

A few last words

All things considered, GEDCOM Validator is a trustworthy application, especially if your work implies handling genealogical files. The amount of system resources used is not something to worry about, making it run on a large variety of configurations. Overall, it gets the job properly done, managing to live up to expectations.
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