G19 SmartProcess


Always keep a close eye on your PC\'s vitals with this analyzer app that tracks sensor data and sends it to an online monitoring server

Caring for your PC’s health and performance is always a good thing to do, especially in the long run, since a clean and snappy computer will provide reliable operation for years. There is a wide range of monitoring apps that provide good insight into the status of your PC’s vitals, but very few offer remote data storage or backup for the registered information. G19 SmartProcess will track down the information gathered by sensors used with apps such as AIDA64, MSI Afterburner or SpeedFan and save the corresponding data locally or online, on a designated service, on regular intervals.

Choose which output data to be registered and sent to you, at specific intervals

The app’s main working principle revolves around capturing data from other, sensor information collecting apps. There is a range of parameters that can be collected. Besides sending the preferred information onto a defined email account, one also has the option to create a monitoring account.
This free account will allow for interval synchronization of the captured information. Aptly called “Health Monito” once enabled it will send locally logged data to the associated server, which is accessible via the credentials used for registration.

Pre-defined sensor app selection makes for easy operation and LED controls for Logitech devices to provide that extra edge in terms of customization

Provided that users already have a sensor data capture app, such as SpeedFan or AIDA64, the dedicated sensor monitoring section offers easy handling. Several, pre-defined slots for each of the potentially installed apps allow for quick drop-down selections.
For those who have Logitech devices that sport LED backlighting, the app offers a thorough color, intensity and flashing set up for signaling events.

This software allows you to have all your PC’s stats handy and easily accessible, wherever you go

For those who need a way of making sure that their computers are in tip-top condition even when away, this program can provide a simple solution, through online synchronizing of locally recorded sensor data.