fullmo Kickdrive


A testing software solution for CAN/CANopen networks and Position Drives that offers a pleasant GUI and various configuration options

fullmo Kickdrive offers a large set of tools for those users who need to test and accurately configure motion-oriented software solutions.
This package includes a lot of distinct components, libraries, drivers, templates, layered module implementations, and other instruments for comfortably setting up machine control systems and motion-oriented devices (built on CAN/CANopen networks and systems).
Another interesting trait of this package is that it offers a nice GUI implementation that looks really nice, modern, and stylish. Furthermore, there are a lot of templates and demo projects you can download in the main package. These are really good training material for those who are just getting started with this instrument.
The main package is a self-contained environment that is portable and includes multiple modules, each having distinct functionality. These tools offer sophisticated functionality, such as drives and nodes configuration, bus monitoring (search-as-you-type, auto filtering for CAN bus), scope and data logger (for live data recording), customizable interface and design models, as well as the option to create runtime executables (EXE file types, with responsive interfaces, adaptable for mobile screens, for example).
All in all, fullmo Kickdrive is an incredibly performant package that allows users to test in demo version advance functionality via a scalable, portable, and Python/Qt-customizable system.

Limitations in the unregistered version