Free Resource Extractor

Effortlessly extract resources from executable files, such as icons, sounds, cursors, bitmaps and HTML code, in order to save them to your PC

Those interested in taking apart files to study their resources, such as icons, bitmaps, sounds or HTML code, can turn to Free Resource Extractor, a simple utility that can be used for free.
It gives you the possibility to save extracted resources to file. The app doesn't require advanced programming knowledge, since it performs the hard work on its own and needs minimal intervention on your behalf.

Ad-supported application

Setting up the resource extraction tool doesn't take long. Nevertheless, you shouldn't rush through the wizard steps. Because Free Resource Extractor is ad-supported, it offers to download and install additional programs that it doesn't actually need to work properly. If you're not interested, you can refuse these offers to make a clean setup.

Locate files, preview and extract resources

The interface is plain and user-friendly. It an embedded file explorer to help you navigate disk directories and locate the files you want to extract resources from.
As far as image resources are concerned, you can check out the file name and size, resources, images, bitmaps, PNGs, icons and group icons, cursors and group cursors, frames, dimensions, and colors.
It's possible to preview pictures in a small panel where you can zoom in, toggle icon, small icon, list and report display mode, as well as indicate the destination for saving all extracted icons, group icons and pictures. The original folder structure is preserved by the app on save.

Intuitive and practical resources extractor

The tool had low impact on system performance in our tests and worked smoothly on the latest Windows version in our tests. We haven't encountered any stability issues.
In conclusion, Free Resource Extractor enables you to seamlessly extract icons, images and other resources from EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL and other types of executable files, in order to save them on your disk.