ETL Framework


An Extract Transform Load (ETL) engine that can work equally well as a standalone app, integration agent, REST API or as embedded in other apps

ETL Framework is a tool designed to help administrators and developers create ETL scenarios via an XML-based language or Java. The direct advantage of the framework stems from the fact that it can be seamlessly embedded directly into the newly Java program created or it can be deployed directly to a web app.
As far as the connectivity goes, the solution is very versatile and hence, can be connected to the vast majority of commonly used databases, including Oracle, SQL, MongoDB or DB2. At the same time, it supports the frequently used protocols, namely HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Amazon S3, SMTP, SFTP and POP3, just to name a few.
In case of a larger project, the framework can be easily connected to the rest of the REST API using any programming language. According to the developer, used in conjunction with the server, the framework is also horizontally scalable, it can identify and execute SQL queries on any data source and is highly secure, as the API points are protected via JWT-based authentication.
The idea behind the framework is to make the development process easier, as the complex data integration and the ETL scenarios can be built with minimum efforts, even relying on the available 100+ built-in transformations.

System requirements

Limitations in the unregistered version