Eclipse Zip Editor


Edit files within ZIP archives directly when working with the Eclipse platform, without having to unpack, thanks to this free and open-source tool

Eclipse Zip Editor is a piece of software that provides end users with a ZIP archive editor for the Eclipse platform. It supports drag and drop and gives users the possibility to make file modifications within the archive, without having to first unpack its contents. The archive gets updated right after making these changes.
The utility is wrapped in a plain and simple interface, where users can get started by selecting the ZIP file to open. All containing files and folders are listed in hierarchical view, and the file icon is also shown to help identify certain items easier.
File information can be inspected when it comes to the file name, type, date, size and full path. The objects can be sorted in the list by any of these criteria, by just clicking the corresponding column. Buttons are available for going back to the previous folder and performing other actions.
To be able to use this tool, Eclipse and Java must be installed on the computer. Eclipse Zip Editor is free and open-source, released under the Common Public License 1.0. The downloaded package includes two folders for features and plugins, a site XML file, along with two JAR files for the artifacts and content.

System requirements