EASendMail SMTP Component

Implement Email sending capabilities via SMTP protocols in your new programs with various options, including powerful encryption

Emails represent a popular and important communication mode. There are even the types of applications which come with their own message sending capabilities so you don’t have to rely on a web browser or dedicated client for messages every time. In fact, the main purpose of EASendMail SMTP Components is to enable new programs to make use of SMTP protocols for managing email messages.
EASendMail SMTP Components is not a stand-alone application, but rather a set of functions and components which need to be introduced into the source code of your new applications. It also comes with a range of samples built in a variety of programming languages to exemplify its capabilities.
As such, the components found in this package are compatible with programming languages like VB6, ASP, C++, C#, VB.NET, JScript.NET, ASP.NET or other .NET framework/COM programming languages.
Apart from the components, the package also delivers a custom-built menu with thorough documentation. It’s also the place to quickly visit and learn about the samples.
In the end, your newly-developed application is capable of sending email messages through SMTP protocols. Moreover, it comes with support for S/MIME, DNS MX record lookup, sending emails without a specified SMTP server, AES encryption, SHA signature, ConnectTryTSL connection type, OAUTH/XOAUTH authentication, and more.

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