DTM File Factory Standard


Generate multiple test files from templates in just a few seconds with this intuitive application that allows users to apply their output documents to a wide variety of databases

Databases are widely employed solutions for information storage, due to their hermetic nature. This guarantees adequate protection against both data corruption and unauthorized access; however, this setup can prove unwieldy when attempting to extract or query the server. Allowing its users to generate multiple test files quickly, DTM File Factory Standard provides Q&A personnel with a viable solution of querying information servers.

Generate test documents for SQL, and IBM D2 servers

The powerful program works with both advanced and simple data containers, such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL, and IBM D2 items, as well as local TXTs, MDBs, SQLite or XLS files. The only requirement for querying these servers – besides the obvious need for them to exist, is that users load a valid template, as the program relies on this to generate test files.
This important file is a text source document that the application employs to test data containers. This allows users to observe their effect on database entries and a valid template must contain a structure built upon three parameters: commands, labels, and static content.

Load pre-built templates or create new ones

If users do not possess such a document, then one can quickly write a template in the program's built-in editor window and several sample documents can be employed to assist users in building a valid item. One of the great features of the tool is the ability to preview results, before actually testing any databases.
This layout ensures users obtain good results and that dynamic content is adequately targeted by the template lines. Once the template has been loaded or created and the database has been specified, users need only create the output HTML test documents.

A good solution for creating data server test documents

To conclude, DTM File Factory Standard is a practical solution for anyone who needs automated testing of databases. The program can generate multiple test files based on pre-built templates in TXT format or from commands created on the spot.
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