dotConnect for SugarCRM


Implement SugarCRM support within your .NET applications with minimum amounts of effort by turning to this ADO.NET provider component

dotConnect for SugarCRM is an ADO.NET provider that aims to help advanced computer users, such as programmers or software developers integrate SugarCRM support within their project quickly.
It comes with a standard ADO.NET interface, which makes it easy to access, even for less experienced users. Given the fact that it integrates with various Visual Studio versions and packs advanced design-time editors, users can process SugarCRM data in a more efficient manner.
This provider helps users connect to their SugarCRM databases via its Server Explorer component. In order to do so, users only need to change the data source to a corresponding SugarCRM one, define a login URL and provide it with valid credentials. After doing so, it is possible to handle SugarCRM data directly through Visual Studio.
Additionally, it is possible to bind SugarCRM data, build data access layers without having to type code, bind data grids to SugarCRM data via smart tag configuration and work with SugarCRM data in a database-like manner.
Entity Framework support is also a feature of dotConnect for SugarCRM, which makes it possible to use LINQ to Entities queries without requiring SugarCRM API or use Entity relations with both eager and lazy loading modules, as well.

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