dotConnect for MySQL


An enhanced ORM-enabled data provider that offers you the chance to have your applications work with MySQL directly via TCP/IP and provides you with various tools

dotConnect for MySQL is a comprehensive and effective Object-Relational Mapping instrument created to offer users the means developing database applications, functioning as a connectivity option for developers.
The utility was created using the ADO.NET architecture and also resorts to Entity Framework, NHibernate, as well as LingConnect, providing users with the ability to improve the performance of their software by a considerable degree.
Thanks to the advanced capabilities that dotConnect for MySQL features, users can rely on a wide array of components and technologies, including secure SSL and SSH connections, compression protocol, embedded server and HTTP tunneling, to name but a few.
Moreover, what makes this tool quite accessible resides in the fact that it works via an RAD approach, meaning it offers numerous graphical interface utilities that can significantly improve the development process.
It supports integration with Visual Studio Server Explorer and other similar software, featuring several means of allowing users to tweak components to suit their particular needs. Typed and Untyped datasets can be created as well as edited thanks to the numerous ‘DataSet’ tools.
With the help of dotConnect for MySQL, users can work with their database directly through the TCP/IP protocol, the client library being uninvolved. It can work with a variety of ASP 2.0 providers and supports Integration Services for the import and export of data from MySQL servers.
The software comes with script execution capabilities, thanks to the MySQLScript tool, even being able to execute one statement at a time, yet also supporting large scripts. At the same time, the MySQLMonitor component offers tracking features for analysis and control activities.

System requirements

Limitations in the unregistered version