dbExpress driver for SQL Server


Achieve increased connectivity between your SQL Server and Delphi / C++ Builder platforms with this driver that offers high performance data-access layers

When users are working with SQL Server databases and they require to link the databases with their Delphi or C++ programming environments, they might seek a solution for achieving a connection. dbExpress driver for SQL Server was created in order to provide people with an efficient way of accessing SQL Server databases from their programming platforms.
The driver works by implementing the features of the dbExpress interface, which contains an independent library that processes queries and offers storage procedures. Access to the SQL Server is provided through Microsoft’s OLE DB technologies.
Enabling users enhanced connectivity for their SQL Server with the Delphi and C++ platforms, the driver uses a lightweight and efficient connection protocol that offers increased performance.
Since all the applications that are developed using this driver do not require additional data provider layers such as ODBC or BDE, they will be more efficient than the ones relying on standard Delphi connectivity. As with other software packages offered by this developer, the connectivity is offered both through the OLE database but also through the SQL native client.
Users will be able to implement this driver in some of the following IDEs: Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder and even FireMonkey (that will allow them to design high-performance applications). One important aspect that users must consider when deploying this driver is the fact that they will need to have the OLE DB installed on their machines.

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