Integrate this C++ class with your application in order to access program version details in the DLLs or executables you are handling

If you are a programmer, you must already know there are incommensurable resources you could turn to in order to make your work easier and stop spending time with tedious and repetitive tasks. Preferably, it is only the essentials that should garner your attention, with your main role being that of putting together the pieces in order to come up with a competitive product.
CVersionInfo is one such puzzle piece you may want to take a look at since it could prove pretty useful when building apps. The tool comes in the form of a C++ class whose purpose is to access data on the program version in the case of 86-bit files.
To be more specific, the class is capable of exploring the VS_VERSION_INFO resource included in the DLLs or executables you are working with so that you can provide the user with details on the app version.
It should be pointed out that CVersionInfo entails an approximate of 300 lines of code, which is a decent amount and should translate to a small footprint. Aside from that, you may want to know that Unicode support is offered along with build configurations.
In case you need a starting point for your project, the archive containing the C++ class also integrates an MFX dialog-based program you could use as an example, and there is also documentation you may want to take a look at.