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Seamlessly add and remove various buttons that distract you or boost your productivity form Notepad+++ by installing this versatile plugin

If you frequently use Windows's embedded text and code editor, yet you feel that the tool could use a few more options, then chances are that you already have Notepad++ installed on your computer.
Customize Toolbar is a plugin for Notepad++ that enables you to remove or add additional buttons over several rows, so you can increase workflow and boost your productivity.

Simple and straightforward installation and use

Considering this is an extension, it means that you should access the Plugin Manager in order to install it first. In case you do not view it listed among the other plugins, then copying the DLL file in the Notepad++ directory can solve the problem. Once you restart the application, you should be able to view the extension and install it.
As it is implied by its name, the idea behind the addin is to allow you to add buttons that you frequently use in the toolbar. You can add a new button to the toolbar by dragging it to the desired location while holding the Shift key. On a side note, it is preferable that you customize your toolbar after you activate all your other plugins, so the buttons associated with them are visible.

You can also add your own personalized buttons

It is necessary to mention that the plugin enables you to include your own custom buttons. The feature could come in handy if you are used to accessing particular icons or images to perform specific actions, as it helps you save some time. On the other hand, you should know that you need to alter the menu string from the configuration file, which are comprised of five comma-separated fields.
Moreover, you also have to make sure that the image you use comes in a 16x16 size with a depth of 8-bits, BMP format and that you include it in the dedicated field in the configuration file. Otherwise, the new icon is displayed as a default hammer image.

A comprehensive addin that can help you boost productivity

All in all, Customize Toolbar is an encompassing plugin that is able to help you organize the toolbar in Notepad++ so that it meets your work and personal needs and preferences.
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