Code Line Counter Pro - Java Version

7.2 Build

An easy to use tool that can analyze the source code in Java and provide you with a full report on the lines and differences between two versions

If you are a software developer, you probably understand and agree with the fact that many would be impossible to perform without the right set of tools.
Code Line Counter Pro - Java Version, for instance, is a handy application that can help you retrieve detailed reports about your Java source code quickly and efficiently.

Analyzes your Java source code

Code Line Counter Pro - Java Version can help you perform advanced analysis on your Java source code and provides you with an extensive report so that you can keep track of various parameters.
Among the collected data types you can find file name, nominal lines, source code lines, comment lines, TODO lines, blank lines, modified content, nominal compare, source compare, comment compare, TODO compare, blank compare and more.

Generates graphs

After you view the text report, you can also view a Pie chart or a version change line chart by clicking the corresponding buttons in the "Start" tab.
Both charts let you decide what information should be included in the graphs by either toggling data checkboxes or selecting your favorite entries from a combo menu.

Backup and restore support

If your project is a complex one and requires you to work on it for a prolonged time, you probably need to perform frequent backups, so that you don't accidentally lose your progress.
This can be easily achieved since this application provides you with backup and restore support for your database. You just need to browse to the "Project" tab and use the "Backup Database" and "Restore Database" buttons.

Handy Java source code analyzer with backup and restore support

All things considered, Code Line Counter Pro - Java Version is a reliable application that can help you analyze your Java source code, generate advanced reports and display the information in graphs. It comes with a comprehensive interface, features intuitive functions and lets you backup or restore your database, depending on your needs.
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7.2 Build
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