Check out the contents of the APK files you are developing and find out how additional libraries affect on the DEX files via this application

In the eventuality that you are an Android developer, then there is a chance that you need a fast and flexible tool that lets you check the APKs. ClassyShark is a tool designed to help you inspect the Android code and hence, allow your team to be certain that everything is working smooth with the executable.

Allows you to browse DEX files and components

The tool comes with a dashboard like interface that is similar to many other developer tools for inspecting code and testing. The app is built with simplicity and efficiency in mind, so you can get started by opening the APK that you want to process. You should bear in mind that the tool does not have the role of stopping the Android APK, but rather it allows you to view JAR, CLASS, AAR and DEX files.
Once you opened your executable, you can preview the components listed in the left panel and, as you probably hinted, checking them out entails expanding the folders. According to the developers, the tool comes with a method counter interface that enables you to reduce the size of the project. The other noteworthy features include charts, which you can activate by clicking on the Methods count, incremental search, obfuscation, DEX numbers and dependency exploration.

A handy utility that can help with developing Android apps

If you have been working on Android apps for some time now, then you know all about those nuisances this task entails times, from struggling with a bug that did not come from the source to trying to figure out why the app is slow although the code seems fine.
Moreover, maybe there have been times when you wondered what would happen to the DEX if you were to add an extra library. ClassyShark is a tool designed to provide a solution to these issues that slow down your work and perhaps, make you and your down down right frustrated.
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