One of the most popular DNS software solutions that bundles three major components, namely a DNS server, a resolver library and testing tools

BIND provides developers with a robust platform dedicated to ensuring the compatibility with all the available DNS standards, allowing the mutual identification between different computers on the Internet.
BIND (or Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is one of the most widely used DNS-related packages, delivering a set of tools and functions that can meet the requirements and needs of all software developers.
The package consists of three components that work together in order to ensure standard compliancy. It integrates a DNS server, a resolver library, as well as a collection of tools created for server testing.
The DNS server (called 'named') helps you provide DNS services in the online environment, while the resolver library bundles a set of components that can be integrated within an application, so as to allow domain name mapping.
This allows programmers to avoid manually creating DNS lookup functionality, which can be a tedious process. Instead, all the requests are redirected to the library, which has the ability to forward them to the target servers and provide an appropriate response.
BIND is used for DNS resolving in various operating systems, providing various configuration possibilities. Administrator has various commands and options at their disposal so as to control the server daemon and run debugging operations.
Advanced features include a notification system for changes recorded to a zone's data, dynamic updating possibilities, different DNS space viewing options (DNS splitting) or incremental zone transfers.
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