Battery Limiter

Monitor your laptop\'s battery and get a notification when it is fully charged using this reliable app, so you can unplug it and avoid overcharging it

One of the main advantages of using a laptop is its portability, yet you can no longer enjoy it if the battery keeps failing you and you need to charge it frequently.
If you want to avoid keeping your laptop plugged into a power source and risk overcharging it, you can try Battery Limiter.

Straightforward looking app

This utility features a minimalistic user interface that displays all the information you need to know in a small window that does not take up too much space. You can view the charge status and expected lifetime, as well as the power status.
Unfortunately, you cannot send it to the system tray or minimize it so as to get rid of it from the desktop, meaning that it is visible no matter the project you might be working on. On the bright side, it does not stay on top, so you can cover it with other windows.

Set the charge limit

To make the most of this application, you can modify the charging limit to up to 96% - this is the moment when an alarm is triggered, informing you that you should unplug the laptop.
Adjusting this limit can be easily performed, by moving the slider to the value you deem suitable, so no expert skills are required.

Prevent overcharging your laptop

As previously mentioned, the main goal of Battery Limiter is to prevent your laptop from overcharging, which in turn leads to losing battery power faster than expected.
All in all, this software solution can come in handy to all those whose laptop does not display a notification when it is fully charged. Since it prevents the system from entering sleep mode, the app makes sure the alarm is visible and that you unplug it in a timely manner.