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Organize your desktop by keeping all important files and shortcuts in custom groups found on a customizable dock which neatly interacts with your workspace

The desktop can become a pretty crowded space, which can easily create frustration when you’re put into the situation when you can’t find items of interest. There are various alternatives to storing everything on the desktop. For instance, Astounding Dock lets you create groups of shortcuts to launch at the press of a button.

Create custom groups of shortcuts

Setup is required to make the application work, and you also get the chance to have it launched right afterwards. Note, however, that your computer is fitted with .NET Framework for things to go as planned. No system restart is required, and you instantly get an idea of what can be accomplished, with a dock showing up on the desktop.
The application stores all shortcuts you decide to add in groups. These expand to reveal items, which you can either add through a drag and drop operation, or via the dedicated function. Note, however, that you can only add files, and not folders. There’s not really a limit to the number of files you can add to a group.

Cleverly blends and interacts with your desktop

The dock neatly blends with your desktop, and creates a limit to window size specifications, just in the way the taskbar does. In case you use multiple monitors, the dock can be sent to the one of interest. You find an impressive variety of skins to choose from, which make it blend with nearly any kind of customization preference.
Down in the settings panel, you get to define several behavior options. The default active group can be selected, have the application launched on startup so that it’s ready by the time you reach the desktop, configure the number of icons to fit on a row, whether or not to autohide, position on the screen, and several more.

On an ending note

All in all, Astounding Dock is sure to come in handy if your desktop becomes a crowded space, but you wish to have quick access to an abundance of files. Groups prevent you from overwhelming the dock, while customization options are sure to make it blend in any style of desktop configuration.
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