APK Editor Studio


A powerful, yet easy to use APK reverse-engineering application that can extract, edit or replace APK resources, images and icons

APK Editor Studio is a user-friendly solution for all those who want to modify various parameters of their APK files.

Simplistic and functional GUI

The main window of APK Editor Studio is straightforward and easy to understand for all developers looking to make a few adjustments to their packages.
You can not only modify the app name and icon, but also edit the APK resources, sign or install the APK.
Additionally, you can tamper with several Android manifest properties without needing to analyze its internal structure.

Choose the APK of interest

The first step is to select the package that needs to be processed. It can be located either on the computer or on an Android device.
You only need to connect it to the PC via its dedicated USB cable and you immediately get a few details about it: its alias, the serial number, model or product types.
Once the connection has been established, you can browse the device's contents and load any chosen APK. You can even take a screenshot of your smartphone's screen with a single mouse click.

Sign APK with custom keys

A nifty function of APK Editor Studio is that you can set up a collection of keys that you can later use to sign your packages.
You can assign a password and an alias to your new key, as well as define its validity in years. You also need to specify the developer first and last names, organizational unit and location details.

To sum things up

APK Editor Studio can easily become your go-to solution for performing quick adjustments to your APK files so you no longer need to examine the package's code and infrastructure.