Algorius Net Viewer Lite


Visualize, manage and monitor home and corporate computer networks with ease while using this comprehensive and effective application

Algorius Net Viewer Lite is a straightforward and reliable software solution geared towards users who need to monitor, organize and analyze computer networks effortlessly. It notifies you immediately about network devices switch on or off and even about unforeseen errors.
Since it allows you to monitor and visualize multiple devices, you can also run the program as a Windows service, make use of different notification methods, as well as automate specific commands.

A neat and intuitive network visualization

The main window of the application is handy and user-friendly from where you can configure any device or workstation you want, here referring to laptops, mainframes, PDAs, tablet PCs, terminal servers and even virtual machines.
By accessing the right panel you are able to navigate through the predefined categories such as ‘Computers’, ‘Links’, ‘Network’, ‘Peripherals’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Structures’ and configure the selected device by inserting a new folder or ZIP archive.

Accurate network monitoring, visualization and administration using different notification methods

Especially intended for network administrators and technicians, Algorius Net Viewer Lite proves to be a steady solution when it comes to managing all of the available devices presented in the network, as well as checking any aspect of any service, server or computer.
Because all the scanning methods (such as SNMP, PING and WMI, to name a few) are implemented within the program as plugins, you can easily adapt the application according to your whims.
Another important feature worth mentioning is the ‘Virtual Trace Route’ that comes in handy for system administrators who need to measure the transit delays of packets across an IP network.
What’s more, the ‘Web Interface’ feature enables you to check the network and device status using any browser. Whether you access the reports from a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet or access them from another PC, Algorius Net Viewer Lite enables you to check any functionality aspect of services, servers and devices.

Export full-detailed reports to various formats

Since the application enables you to export the generated reports to formats such as Word, Excel, CSV, PDF or XML, you are able to ease your analytical work and use the documents for further processing and presentations.

Control all the available computer networks and its components effortlessly

To conclude, Algorius Net Viewer Lite is a reliable program that displays a visualized computer network scheme that includes all the available devices (computers, servers and services) along with information for explanatory purposes.