Activate, deactivate, run, list or delete the services running in the background on your system using this simple and straightforward tool

ADS is a lightweight utility designed for security experts who want to analyze potentially suspicious process running in the background. According to the developer, the program allows you to active, run or deactivate a service that could be problematic for the current session or permanently. Therefore, the app can also come in handy in situations when you want to execute various applications, but you get various conflicting errors.
The program is as simple as it gets, so in order to get started all you need to do is select the function you want and then specify the name of the service. As you probably guessed, the service needs to be installed on your system in order for the operation to be completed successfully. It is recommended that you avoid closing services used by the system or you will render your OS unusable.
In addition to helping you discover new malware, adware or trackware, the application can also help with debloating your operating system from numerous unnecessary services that are just eating your system's resources, such as in the case of Windows 7, for instance. Moreover, you can finally get rid of pesky startup items that you simply can't get rid off, regardless of the fact that you uninstalled the responsible app and cleaned the registry key.
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