Adobe Flash Player Debugger

Adobe Flash Player Debugger is a helpful utility for developers when it comes to analyzing, identifying and fixing issues in Flash and Flex projects

Adobe Flash Player Debugger is a content fixer and troubleshooter for Flash / Flex projects. Put more simply, it is the Debugger version of Adobe Flash Player, which analyzes, collects and logs errors during the development cycle.
Adobe Flash Player Debugger differs from the standard version in many ways and is addressed to developers. It is not recommended for home use, because running Flash content in debugger mode may result in slower playback speed and often in browse unresponsiveness.
This is due to the fact that the Debugger’s purpose is to collect information during the actual playback in order to create reports and ultimately, to fix various issues that may prevent the content from behaving properly.
Adobe Flash Player Debugger is available in two different editions: one is brought in the form of an ActiveX control that runs inside browsers, while the other is a standalone version also known as Projector. The latter can be used outside the browser, as well as inside many Flash development platforms such as Flash Builder or Flash Professional.
Out of the two editions, developers rely more than often on the first one, especially for simple Flash architectures that do not require a complex debugger. While the browser based ActiveX component relies on a lightweight installer, deployment is not complication-free.
Some issues occur when Adobe Flash Player is already installed on the system, in which case trying to install the Debugger fails, returning an error that a Flash installation has already been detected. In such a situation, it is recommended to remove the player using the dedicated Adobe uninstaller, after which you can try to deploy the Debugger version again.
In order to detect if Adobe Flash Player Debugger has been successfully installed, here’s a method to perform a quick check: navigate to a Flash website ( should work just fine), right click on Flash content and look for a context menu shortcut labeled ‘Debugger’. If it is present, then you’ve managed to deploy the Debugger that will start collecting information as soon as it detects content issues.
In conclusion, Adobe Flash Player Debugger is definitely a must have for Flash and Flex developers. It makes for a quick way to check content integrity and behavior.
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