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  • Vim (VI iMproved) is a clone of the VI text editor developed by Bram Moolenaar, available on many platforms.
    Sep 10 2020 8.75 MB
  • QOwnNotes is a free (open-source) word processor with markdown support and the option to manage a to-do list.
    Sep 06 2020 34.34 MB
  • DocPad - cool functional text editor with a fairly diverse set of options and additional tools.
    Aug 26 2020 10.97 MB
  • WPS Writer is a free text editor, characterized by rich functionality and low consumption of system resources. It was created by the Chinese as a Word 2003 application and is great for writing various types of texts.
    Aug 24 2020
  • Atlantis Word Processor is a text editor with an interface similar to previous versions of MS Word. Compact, fast, with support for the vast majority of formatting elements used in modern documents.
    Aug 24 2020 3.02 MB
  • WPS Office is a free alternative to the office suite Microsoft Office, offering the user ample opportunities to create, view and edit documents.
    Aug 24 2020 149.37 MB
  • SoftMaker FreeOffice is a great free alternative to the famous office suite Microsoft Office.
    Jun 29 2020 110.93 MB
  • FocusWriter is an application designed to create texts primarily in the full screen view.
    Feb 24 2020 37.47 MB
  • Alternate TextBrowser is an interesting alternative for Notepad in Windows systems. The application allows you to view and edit standard text files, files with source code in the most popular programming languages ​​(including C ++, Pascal, PHP, Perl, ASM, JScrip), as well as HTML and XML files.
    Feb 17 2020 0.93 MB
  • NFOPad is a small text editor and NFO file viewer. It can be a more interesting alternative to Notepad in the Windows operating system.
    Feb 09 2020 1.23 MB
  • WriteMonkey is another small and fast text editor, which was created for users who value minimalism. It offers only the necessary functions, so that the user can concentrate on editing the text and is not overwhelmed by the vastness in most cases of unnecessary tools.
    Jan 13 2020 113.22 MB
  • TexMaker is a free and multi-platform LaTeX editor, offering all the necessary tools to create, among others technical documentation containing complicated mathematical formulas, etc.
    Jan 09 2020 62.64 MB
  • EditPad Lite is the "younger brother" of the EditPad Pro program, but unlike the latter, the lite version allows you to edit only text files.
    Dec 25 2019 9.14 MB
  • UEStudio is an advanced integrated development environment with a powerful functional set of tools for high-quality and complete programming.
    Dec 04 2019
  • Sublime Text is a multifunctional text editor with a wide range of convenient tools for selecting, marking and processing text code fragments.
    Oct 01 2019 10.42 MB