• System Tools

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  • SlickRun is a free tool for computers with the Windows operating system, thanks to which we can run any application, game or file on the computer's hard drive, and even a selected website using the command line.
    Dec 31 2019 1.15 MB
  • FileStar is a rather unusual tool that can be safely described as a compilation of many other applications. Thanks to it, we can perform various operations on selected files.
    Dec 31 2019 0.23 MB
  • wumgr is a free (open-source) tool that gives the user full control over updates of the Windows 10 operating system, including the option of disabling automatic updates.
    Dec 11 2019 0.12 MB
  • Eusing Cleaner is a free software for optimizing the operating system and protecting the privacy of the user.
    Nov 14 2019 1.65 MB
  • Game Fire is a free software to optimize the operating system for computer games.
    Nov 13 2019 11.46 MB
  • ScanFS is a very easy-to-use tool for finding files on a computer's hard drive based on various criteria selected by the user.
    Oct 29 2019 5.02 MB
  • WinZip Registry Optimizer is a tool designed to comprehensively optimize the Windows system registry.
    Oct 27 2019 14.43 MB
  • Backup Start Menu Layout is a small application for backing up the entire boot menu layout in the Windows 10 operating system.
    Oct 27 2019 0.83 MB
  • File Copier is a free application that - as its name suggests - allows you to copy files. After all, this is not the only function of the described tool, as it can also be used to recover valuable data.
    Sep 16 2019 0.08 MB
  • SendTo Menu Editor is a small program that allows you to edit the "send to" menu available after right-clicking on the selected file or folder in the Windows operating system.> New items in the "send to" menu After starting SendTo Menu Editor, click the plus icon visible in the upper left corner of the screen, then specify the destination path of the file or folder, name the shortcut and confirm the entered information with the "create shortcut" button. From that moment, the shortcut we created will appear in the "send to" menu, thanks to which we will be able to send or copy a given file to a specific location, to a selected device or to any other place. / P> SendTo Menu Editor also allows you to remove in the "send to" menu. It is worth using it to get rid of unnecessary options,
    Jul 22 2019 0.93 MB
  • System Mechanic Free is a free, but functionally limited version of the popular tool for optimizing the Windows system (XP / Vista / 7). It brings together a set of basic functions that allow the average user to maintain order on their computer.
    Jul 19 2019 0.56 MB
  • NVIDIA FrameView is another software for measuring performance in games. Indicates the average number of frames, as well as the so-called percentile values, i.e. the threshold below which performance does not fall by 90, 95 or 99 percent play time.
    Jul 11 2019 22.43 MB
  • WhoCrashed Home Edition is a free edition of specialized software that allows you to analyze DUMP files, and thus diagnose a system in which there were problems with hardware or software and resulted in the infamous blue screen of death (BSOD - Blue Screen of Death). The program is designed for more advanced users and service technicians.
    Jul 07 2019 9.48 MB
  • The Font Size Changer system is a small and free tool designed to change the font size in Windows 7/8/10.
    Jun 24 2019 0.24 MB
  • CloudReady Installer is the official installer of the CloudReady system, which is a variation of Chrome OS for virtually all PCs.
    Jun 16 2019 44.57 MB