• System Tools

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  • Smart Game Booster is a tool for computers with the Windows operating system, thanks to which - as the name suggests - we will achieve higher performance in games (even on weaker equipment).
    Sep 16 2020 19.89 MB
  • Delete.On.Reboot is an easy-to-use tool to remove locked files on a computer with Windows operating system. The entire operation can be performed in three steps.
    Sep 15 2020 0.17 MB
  • Rename Expert is a tool for easy and quick renaming of files and folders on a computer with the Windows operating system.
    Sep 09 2020 9.63 MB
  • SmartFix Tool is a tool for automatic troubleshooting (including malware removal) on a computer with a Windows operating system.
    Sep 09 2020 52.85 MB
  • DTaskManager is a free program that can replace the system's task manager and offers a bit more features than the default Windows application. It is a portable program that does not require installation - all you need to do is unpack it from the ZIP archive.
    Sep 08 2020 0.51 MB
  • CleanMyPC is a tool designed for comprehensive optimization of Windows 7/8/10 systems. With his help, we will clean the disk of unnecessary files, remove unnecessary entries from the registry or uninstall unneeded applications.
    Sep 07 2020 27.60 MB
  • balenaEtcher is a very easy-to-use tool that allows you to burn file images to SD memory cards and external USB drives.
    Sep 07 2020 124.79 MB
  • StartIsBack ++ is a small tool designed for Windows 10, with the help of which we will restore the desired Start menu for many users. This program restores the Start button on the taskbar along with all the tools and functions available from its level, like the Start menu known from Windows 7 for example.
    Sep 03 2020 1.43 MB
  • Alternate Task Manager is an alternative to a system task manager that may interest people seeking more information about running processes, programs and services.
    Aug 31 2020 0.54 MB
  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (formerly 7 Taskbar Tweaker) is a small tool that allows you to customize the taskbar in Windows 7, 8 and 10. With it, we can easily change user-triggered events, including using the mouse.
    Aug 25 2020 1.60 MB
  • User Profile Wizard is an application that allows you to easily and quickly transfer user accounts between computers running the Windows operating system.
    Aug 24 2020 1.17 MB
  • atomiccleaner3 is a free tool that allows you to remove unnecessary files from your hard drive and speed up the operation of the Windows operating system and the installed games or programs.
    Aug 24 2020 3.60 MB
  • Bloatbox is a small tool designed to manage software installed on your computer. Thanks to it, we can easily and conveniently uninstall unnecessary applications and games, as well as tools installed by default with Windows 10.
    Aug 24 2020 0.02 MB
  • StartupStar is an autostart manager used to manage and control all applications that run when the operating system starts.
    Aug 21 2020 3.56 MB
  • Wu10Man is a small tool that allows you to effectively disable the forced updates feature in Windows 10.
    Aug 05 2020 1.67 MB