• Registry / Startup

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  • Reg Organizer is a powerful program that allows you to monitor the status of the registry and configuration files. Using the application, you can clean the registry, look for the necessary registry keys. Present configuration management functions
    Sep 21 2020 27.50 MB
  • EF StartUp Manager - Startup Manager, which allows you to effectively manage programs that automatically load when the operating system starts. Except for quite ordinary features.
    Sep 10 2020 0.97 MB
  • Autorun Organizer is a free Windows startup manager. Allows you to speed up the loading and operation of the system
    Aug 13 2020 16.50 MB
  • Registry Life will help to correct errors in the registry and optimize it, increasing the speed of the system and its stability. It is an easy-to-use, compact and free solution for maintaining the registry of your system.
    Aug 09 2020 17.67 MB
  • Cleaning the registry from debris is the key to a stable and fast system. Registry Cleaner will help you get rid of registry errors, remove unused keys and do it completely free
    Jul 29 2020 15.28 MB
  • Auslogics Registry Defrag - program to defragment the registry, which removes from it the old or damaged information and allows you to speed up the entire system as a whole
    Jul 29 2020 13.96 MB
  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit is an installation-free set of functional tools for effectively combating various malicious programs. This emergency kit allows you to detect and remove virus software (more than 4 million known threats)
    Jun 29 2020 328.57 MB
  • Autoruns - a program to control the automatic loading of various applications, services and components that start when the operating system boots
    Jun 24 2020 2.55 MB
  • Wise Registry Cleaner is a tool to safely clean the registry of incorrect and obsolete keys and records. There is a detailed description of the errors found, which makes it easier for the user to choose which elements to delete and which to leave.
    Apr 23 2020 3.11 MB
  • Synei System Utilities - a set of utilities and tools for complete customization, acceleration, cleaning, restoring and ensuring the security of the computer system
    Feb 11 2020 6.32 MB
  • Registry Reviver is a useful tool for restoring maximum efficiency, stability and performance of your PC by correcting, adjusting and maintaining the Windows registry.
    Jan 05 2020 14.12 MB
  • Registry Repair is an easy-to-use tool for finding and fixing system registry errors. The program scans the registry for the presence of such common errors
    Dec 09 2019 5.76 MB
  • AVS Registry Cleaner - a program to scan, clean and repair the Windows registry. Removes old or unnecessary items from the registry, various unused information remaining after unsuccessful installations.
    Nov 11 2019 8.21 MB
  • Registrar Registry Manager is a powerful, secure system registry utility.
    Oct 27 2019 2.69 MB
  • Free Registry Cleaner - a free program to clean the registry, remove unnecessary and erroneous entries in it
    Jun 18 2019 2.42 MB