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  • Better File Rename is an easy-to-use tool for renaming selected files on a computer with a Windows operating system.
    Sep 05 2019 15.68 MB
  • Password Manager XP is an interesting program that allows secure storage of passwords and confidential information in the form of encrypted databases.
    Sep 05 2019 3.15 MB
  • Do not Sleep is a tool that prevents the operating system from being disabled. Using it, we also do not have to worry about the computer being restarted, going into sleep or hibernation.
    Sep 05 2019 0.17 MB
  • GUIPropView is a small tool that displays extensive information about all windows of applications running on Windows (XP or newer).
    Sep 05 2019 0.08 MB
  • MyKeyFinder is a small tool whose task is to recover lost serial numbers to the software and operating system installed on your computer.
    Sep 05 2019 5.00 MB
  • LicenseCrawler is a useful portable utility that helps you find and save software license keys on your computer.
    Sep 05 2019 1.40 MB
  • Inviska Rename is a free application for renaming multiple files, supporting batch processing.
    Sep 03 2019 7.19 MB
  • Google Maps Downloader is a tool for automatically downloading images found using Google Maps.
    Aug 30 2019 11.40 MB
  • Birdfont is a free program for creating and editing fonts using vector graphics. Enables exported prepared fonts to TTF, EOT and SVG formats.
    Aug 28 2019 42.45 MB
  • Dashlane is used to store logins, passwords and credit card numbers. All information entered into the application is secure because it uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm.
    Aug 27 2019 0.87 MB
  • FontBase is a lightweight and fast font manager that allows you to conveniently browse any collection of fonts.
    Aug 27 2019 43.13 MB
  • Directory List & Print is a tool with the help of which we can easily print and format a list of contents of any folder on the disk of our computer.
    Aug 26 2019 15.92 MB
  • CopyQ is a free and very simple tool to improve work with the system clipboard. It gives the ability to view, manage and edit all data copied in the system.
    Aug 26 2019 10.19 MB
  • FontCreator is a powerful, but very intuitive and easy-to-use tool for creating and editing OpenType and TrueType fonts.
    Aug 26 2019 17.40 MB
  • UCheck is a tool for conveniently installing many popular programs on a new computer and checking if we have the latest versions installed.
    Aug 22 2019 29.14 MB