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  • Do not Sleep is a tool that prevents the operating system from being disabled. Using it, we also do not have to worry about the computer being restarted, going into sleep or hibernation.
    Sep 18 2020 0.17 MB
  • AutoPowerOptionsOK is a free tool thanks to which we will be able to save some money on electricity bills.
    Sep 15 2020 0.07 MB
  • UCheck is a tool for conveniently installing many popular programs on a new computer and checking if we have the latest versions installed.
    Sep 15 2020 24.68 MB
  • Auto Hide Desktop Icons is an application for Windows computers, which - according to what the name suggests - allows you to automatically hide the icons on your desktop.
    Sep 15 2020 0.09 MB
  • EF Talk Scriber is a special tool that streamlines the process of rewriting text based on an audio recording. The program combines a simple text editor and music player, thanks to which the whole process is significantly simplified.
    Sep 10 2020 0.71 MB
  • The EF Process Manager program is an advanced process manager that allows the user to see which processes and modules are currently running, terminate unnecessary processes.
    Sep 10 2020 0.97 MB
  • ManicTime is a program to track user activity on a computer with a Windows operating system. It can be successfully used at home as well as in small or larger enterprises.
    Sep 08 2020 68.35 MB
  • LicenseCrawler is a useful portable utility that helps you find and save software license keys on your computer.
    Sep 08 2020 1.83 MB
  • Google Maps Downloader is a tool for automatically downloading images found using Google Maps.
    Sep 07 2020 8.28 MB
  • ClipAngel is a powerful tool that provides a convenient clipboard manager in Windows. Despite many additional functions, the program has a convenient interface that every user should be able to cope with.
    Sep 06 2020 2.90 MB
  • Run-Command is a small portable program created as an alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog
    Sep 06 2020 0.16 MB
  • Dashlane is used to store logins, passwords and credit card numbers. All information entered into the application is secure because it uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm.
    Sep 01 2020 0.79 MB
  • FontCreator is a powerful, but very intuitive and easy-to-use tool for creating and editing OpenType and TrueType fonts.
    Aug 31 2020 19.35 MB
  • Password Manager XP is an interesting program that allows secure storage of passwords and confidential information in the form of encrypted databases.
    Aug 28 2020 3.20 MB
  • Notezilla is a useful tool that at first glance allows you to place colored cards with information on your Windows operating system desktop, but in fact offers much more options in this regard.
    Aug 27 2020 21.91 MB