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  • Directory List & Print is a tool with the help of which we can easily print and format a list of contents of any folder on the disk of our computer.
    Nov 06 2019 15.84 MB
  • AutoPowerOptionsOK is a free tool thanks to which we will be able to save some money on electricity bills.
    Nov 06 2019 0.05 MB
  • ClipAngel is a powerful tool that provides a convenient clipboard manager in Windows. Despite many additional functions, the program has a convenient interface that every user should be able to cope with.
    Nov 06 2019 2.88 MB
  • Monitorian is a small desktop application that allows us to adjust the brightness of the screen on multiple monitors at the same time. This means that you do not have to manually look for the mentioned option in the settings of a given display. After starting the program is available in the system tray.
    Nov 06 2019 0.19 MB
  • ShowKeyPlus is a small tool for recovering a product key installed on a computer of the Windows operating system.
    Nov 05 2019 9.08 MB
  • ReShade is an advanced tool for post-processing in both computer games and programs. Thanks to it, we will increase, for example, the quality of the visual frame in Grand Theft Auto V or Doomie from 2016.
    Nov 05 2019 2.46 MB
  • Run-Command is a small portable program created as an alternative to the standard Windows Run-Dialog
    Nov 05 2019 0.14 MB
  • Password Manager XP is an interesting program that allows secure storage of passwords and confidential information in the form of encrypted databases.
    Nov 04 2019 3.17 MB
  • MiTeC System Information X - an application that provides comprehensive system information on a user's computer
    Nov 04 2019 4.05 MB
  • Do not Sleep is a tool that prevents the operating system from being disabled. Using it, we also do not have to worry about the computer being restarted, going into sleep or hibernation.
    Nov 03 2019 0.16 MB
  • Bulk Rename Utility is a powerful free tool for mass renaming files. Thanks to it, anyone, even a little experienced user can conveniently manipulate file names with documents, digital photos or music.
    Oct 30 2019 10.06 MB
  • Google Maps Downloader is a tool for automatically downloading images found using Google Maps.
    Oct 27 2019 8.20 MB
  • Birdfont is a free program for creating and editing fonts using vector graphics. Enables exported prepared fonts to TTF, EOT and SVG formats.
    Oct 27 2019 42.47 MB
  • Spytech SpyAgent is one of the most popular tools designed to track user activity on the computer where it was installed. The program is perfect for monitoring operations performed during our absence by children or employees in the company.
    Oct 27 2019 2.29 MB
  • Microsoft Surface Data Eraser is an official tool targeted at owners of Surface devices, which enables effective cleaning of the contents of the built-in hard disk from private data, eg when selling equipment.
    Oct 27 2019 820.13 MB